"The Trap"
November 15 1960.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: In windy Chicago, turmoil ensues when Dominic, an average, happily married man, starts to
behave strangely by referring lovingly to some unknown woman named Edna. Then Dominic becomes
unaccountably sick: dehydrated and starved for air. His wife, Florence, seeks medical help for her husband,
unaware the Dominic's heretofore unknown identical twin is dying of thirst in a collapsed mineshaft in Arizona.

COMMENTARY: Just about everyone has heard of the Corsican Brother scenario: stab one twin brother
in the gut with a sword and the other twin feels the pain in his stomach as well. But more interesting than its
depiction of twins unknowingly sending telepathic vibes to each other, is the way that Dominic and his wife . . .

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