"The Death Waltz"
October 4 1960.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: At Fort Union in New Mexico, frontier soldiers wage war against the Apaches. Two such soldiers
are in love with the highly manipulative Lilly Clark, a general's daughter, and both men ask her to a fancy dress
ball. She schemes to have Lt. Fairchild, one of the suitors, sent away on a dangerous mission so that she can
pursue Lt. Buchanan, her man of choice. Fairchild is killed in action, but still returns to claim a last dance.

COMMENTARY: This story depicts a truly nasty, mean-spirited human being. It is rare for One Step Beyond
to portray an unredeemably evil human being, but this episode goes the distance in depicting a selfish, cold, and
calculating young woman who sends one of her suitors to his death simply so she can go to a dance with another . . .

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