"Night of Decision"
February 21 1961.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: In the "winter of despair"of 1777, George Washington experiences a crisis of faith at his
headquarters in Valley Forge. Should he continue his fight for independence in the face of so much death,
the cold, and shortage of supplies (?) Or should he settle with the British for a lesser peace (?) An Indian
chief tells the contemplative general the "Great Spirit" is protecting him for a great purpose.

COMMENTARY: Broadcast right around President's Day 1961, this episode casts another great President
in a mysterious web of psychic phenomena. Though Washington's dream of a Unites States stretching
from coast to coast has little corroboration in history books, the other historical details are correct . . .

For full episode commentary . . . plus cast credits, series production details,
cultural and television history, and much more . . . see John Kenneth Muir's
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