"Person Unknown "
February 7 1961.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: In Mexico a physician for a deposed president hides out in a supposedly abandoned convent.
The building, constructed on the site of an ancient Aztec shrine, also houses the angry spirit of a warrior
who was sacrificed by his king. When the ghost murders a sadistic soldier, the physician is accused of the
crime. His only salvation is a plaster of paris mold of the dead man's face that reveals the true assailant.

COMMENTARY: Following a precedent set at the start of the third season, One Step Beyond brings the
actual protagonist of the psychic or paranormal event on the air for an interview with host John Newland.
In this case, the man is a Doctor Atl, a well-known Mexican artist and critic . . .

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cultural and television history, and much more . . . see John Kenneth Muir's
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