SEASON 3 EPISODE 11. (72 )

"Tonight at 12:17"
November 29 1960.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: An expectant wife hears an airplane in distress high above her house every night at 12:17 a.m.
Although her doctor believes she is being a "goofy' pregnant woman, Laura Perkins' experience gets more
detailed each time she relives the vision. Finally, she can even read the plane's registration number as it
crashes through the roof of the house.

COMMENTARY: This episode is basically a character piece with a psychic twist. Laura faces an interesting
dilemma. She is repeatedly told by husband and doctor of the danger of miscarriage if she does not calm
down. But if her premonition comes true, she will be dooming her baby to death in the plane crash . . .

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