"The Storm"
June 21 1960.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: "La Tormenta" ("The Storm") is a masterful oil painting with a bizarre pedigree: it was painted
recently, but its artist died more than three years ago during the Korean War (!) "La Tormenta's" claim to
authenticity haunts Adelle, a married woman who once had feelings for Pedro, the dead painter. She and her
doubting husband visit Pedro's mother and are surprised when she speaks about him in the present tense.

COMMENTARY: A painting of dubious, or perhaps psychic, origin is at the center of this last episode of
One Step Beyond's second season. The canvass is a point of obsession for Adelle and that obsession provides
the most interesting subtext. Adelle denies to her husband that she ever had any romantic feelings for Pedro . . .

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