"The Visitor"
May 10 1960.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: After 17 years of marriage, Ellen Grayson is a recovering alcoholic who is unable to forgive
her husband, Harry, for a heartless, offhand comment he made a long, long time ago. When Harry's car
unexpectedly goes off the road during a snowstorm, Ellen is visited in her mountain home by a handsome
young man: Harry, 20 years younger, kind and gentle. This young Harry offers her an important message.

COMMENTARY: This episode, which ranks among One Step Beyond's most accomplished and touching,
has very little to do with "provable" psychic phenomena and a great deal to do with people, emotions, regrets,
and a shattered relationship. In this heartfelt story, a married man in his fifties saves his failing marriage by . . .

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