"The Mask"
March 1 1960.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: During World War II Lieutenant Leonard Wilenski escapes disaster when his plane goes down
in Egypt. Though Wilenski survives the terrible ordeal and receives appropriate medical care, he comes to
believe -- with increasing fear -- that he is possessed by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian prince.

COMMENTARY: There comes a time in every dramatic television series when repetition replaces innovation,
and One Step Beyond is far more susceptible to such "rerun" ideas than other programs, for a variety of
reasons. Firstly, its "mission statement" to viewers promises that it will accurately depict the specifics of
psychic phenomena, which limits the series' subject matter. Secondly, the effect of psychic phenomena . . .

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cultural and television history, and much more . . . see John Kenneth Muir's
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