"Ordeal on Locust Street "
September 22 1959.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: Inside a dark house, the Parrish family hides a terrible secret: Jason, their horribly, deformed
son, is responsible for the family's collapse into petty squabbling. Hoping to preserve her family, Mrs. Parrish
enlists the help of Dr. Brown, a famous hypnotist who believes in the power of the "mind force", to help cure
the son who sits silently upstairs in the red velvet chair.

COMMENTARY: This tale begins simply enough with the tantalizing information that the Parrish family has lived
in its dark house for a year, but never invited any neighbors or visitors inside. The rich set design reveals a house
crowded with details and objects; the feeling of a real home and a real family is forged instantly . . .

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