"Call from Tomorrow"
January 26 1960.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: A famous stage actress, Helena Stacey, returns to her home in New York City full of fear and
grief because of a terrible accident: her daughter Didi died when struck by a car on a busy road. Cast in
Othello as Desdemona by her director-husband, she begins to fear for her sanity when she hears the
terrified cries of a child again and again. Is she losing her mind or experiencing a psychic call for help (?)

COMMENTARY: Familiar series elements dominate this episode as another fractured marriage hangs in the
balance and an unstable woman with serious grief issues is disbelieved by her spouse. Helena Stacey has just
recovered from a nervous breakdown and lost her child, but wants to act as if there is nothing wrong . . .

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