SEASON 2 EPISODE 17. (39 )

January 19 1960.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: On a hot day in San Francisco in mid-April of 1906, a lowly hotel bellhop and recovering alcoholic
Herbert Perkins, has a vision of a devastating earthquake. He knows the exact time the quake will hit (5:13 am),
but his warnings go unheeded by hotel management, the local newspaper, and other authorities. Perkins grows
increasingly desperate as the moments tick down to the time when the quake will strike.

COMMENTARY: The Cassandra Complex, the plight of the visionary who sees the future but whose warnings
are ignored, returns with full force in this episode that tells two stories simultaneously: a personal one (about a
prophet disbelieved and ignored) and an epic one (the total destruction of an American city) . . .

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