SEASON 2 EPISODE 12. (34 )

"The Stone Cutter"
December 8 1959.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: A businessman who is estranged from his father returns home to Maine when a stone cutter
named Menzies predicts his dad's impending death. The son, who has been keeping his distance from his
family for years, must now contend with his father's sudden illness as well as the stone cutter's gravestone
that lists the day of his father's death as . . . today (!)

COMMENTARY: Everyone has a birth date. Everyone has a death date. Those are two inescapable facts of
human nature: we live, we die, and the span in-between is bracketed on our tombstones by those two dates.
This episode is the tale of Menzies, who carves dates on tombstones before the intended recipient has died . . .

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