September 15 1959.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: Accountant Harold Stern donated blood some 31 times and then mysteriously changed his
name and dropped out of sight. Now a girl named Maria is dying, requiring Stern's rare blood type, and
the police demand that he donate his blood again. Stern refuses to cooperate with the authorities and makes
a startling admission: he believes he forms a psychic link with all those with whom he shares blood.

COMMENTARY: This episode is a perfect example of the manner in which One Step Beyond truly came
to mature and develop more intricate stories the longer it remained on the air. Though the plot involves a
psychic link, the tale reveals an unexpected wrinkle at the climax . . .

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cultural and television history, and much more . . . see John Kenneth Muir's
                  "An Analytical Guide to Television's One Step Beyond":