"The Haunted U-Boat"
May 12 1959.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: German U-Boat #147 transports Bachman, a future leader of the Third Reich to safety in
1945. When the submarine dives beneath the surface, a strange pounding is heard on the hull. Even more
strangely, the sound always seems to occur in proximity to Bachman's location on the sub. Though the
U-Boat escapes Allied detection at first, the pounding leads a U.S. destroyer back to the sub's location.

COMMENTARY: As it neared the end of its first season, One Step Beyond hit its stride with a series
of remarkable, compelling stories. This episode is a creepy story about a bad man who finally gets his
comeuppance via psychic means. The implication of this claustrophobic story is that there is a . . .

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