"The Aerialist"
April 28 1959.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: The Flying Petrusscios, a family of trapeze artists, face off in a personal feud before an important
circus show, and then the performance goes terribly wrong when Gino, the patriarch or the family falls some
80 feet. Gino's eldest son, Mario, blames himself for the accident and tries to commit suicide by performing
the same dangerous stunt that left his father paralyzed.

COMMENTARY: This episode reminds viewers that mankind's academic explanations for the workings of the
world are but grains of sand in "the Sahara of the unexplainable", a nice line of narrative explanation. Host
John Newland refers to the process of allowing the body image to act at a great distance as a bilocation . . .

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cultural and television history, and much more . . . see John Kenneth Muir's
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