"The Devil's Laughter"
March 31 1959.

** Spoiler Alert **

SYNOPSIS: In 1895 a condemned man, John Marriott, is escorted to the gallows to be executed, but the
noose snaps just as he is to be hanged. The following day Marriott is to be hanged again, but this time the
lever malfunctions and the gallows floor won't drop. Felling invincible, Marriott is released from prison
only to meet with a most unusual, but preordained, fate.

COMMENTARY: This episode is a quirky little tale of (literally) gallows humor. Considerably less serious
than the typical One Step Beyond installment, it is also John Newland's personal favorite among the series
canon. It is not difficult to understand why that is so, for this is a tightly focused drama . . .

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